Arpin - French Wool Plaids & Cushions since 1817

For over two centuries, Arpin carries on a tradition from the French Savoy. The gestures of the masters of wool have virtually remained the same and it is now Jacques Arpin, the 8th generation of the name, who perpetuates the family tradition.

Arpin is listed as a living heritage company. It’s one of the very last companies which still produces from raw material (wool) till the finished product. The whole process, washing the wool, sorting, carding, spinning, weaving, still happens at the same spot with the same machines as two hundred years ago. A unique conservation of cultural heritage!

Arpin – French mountain Wool

The passion for wool is omnipresent, it is sourced from sheep grazing in the four valleys surrounding their headquarters (Tarentaise, Beaufortain, Maurienne and Val D’Aoste). The nearby Versoyen river provides the water they need to generate electricity and wash their wool. Products made with the greatest respect for nature.

arpin french wool since 1817

Arpin – French Wool Plaids & Cushions

Arpin, ‘L’ Art de vivre la montagne’…… A calm life that follows the seasons and has a close link with the mountains. This is visible and tangible by the natural colours, designs and the quality of the products. Inspired by the Alps they manufacture durable and comfortable products.

Arpin Fench wool plaids cushions building

Discover our selection of Arpin plaids & cushions. We’ve chosen the “Tissu Des Alpes” fabric because of an incomparable quality and greater longevity. 100% pure Alpine wool with a weight of 750gr/m2.

Used for centuries to make the finest plaids, being a natural insulator. They will stand the test of time, with strength and robustness only matched by the quality of their feel on your skin. Furthermore Arpin bed & sofa cushions are ideal in any room, they’ll bring warmth and authenticity into your interior design. Combine the cushions & plaids to get the result your looking for.