Heerenhuis - Straightforward Handmade Tables & Chairs.

Heerenhuis is one of Belgium’s finest producers of top-quality handmade tables and chairs. Their tables & chairs are characterized by uncomplicated, straightforward design, good quality carpentry and the use of premium raw materials.

Handmade Tables & Chairs by Heerenhuis.

Heerenhuis perfected the combination of wood (reclaimed teak or French oak with knots), leather and non-coated steel. The ‘keep it simple’ attitude they’re devoted to, makes their enchanting objects stand out in any home. Their mission statement says it all: “We make tables, that’s what we do”.

Handmade Tables & Chairs – French Oak with Knots and Leather.

The simplicity of the design of these handmade tables and chairs has its roots in the love for the designs nature provides. The grains and knots of the oak tree, which predominantly grows in Europe, create a unique beauty. Real leather, a product of true craftsmanship, also has a natural structure and pattern. Combining these materials with respect for nature is what makes Heerenhuis an amazing Creator.

French Oak French Oak Heerenhuis French Oak Heerenhuis 2

Handmade Tables & Chairs – Atelier of artists.

In their atelier in Antwerp, close to the river the “Schelde”, they select the best pieces of oak and leather and combine them with masterfully welded steel frames. With all these beautiful raw materials at their disposal it’s a creative hub, constantly creating or perfecting their amazing objects.

Handmade Tables & Chairs – Discover the beauty.

We’ve carefully selected a combination of their items that would match perfectly with every style of home. Join us in discovering the unique beauty of this collection and imagine having one of these handmade tables or chairs in your interior design.