Bultin – Minimalistic Lighting - Table and Floor Lamps.

Bultin is an up and coming design label of 2 Flemish siblings. Creator ‘pur sang’, Glenn Buydaert, as an architecture student, designed lighting for his own home in Ghent. He didn’t find what he wanted in the shops, so he created it… His sister Sylvie was impressed, and as a design lover she immediately saw great potential. Together they created the label Bultin.

Bultin siblings - ©Delphine De Clercq Bultin © Delphine De Clercq bultin lighting © Delphine De Clercq

(pictures © Delphine De Clercq)

Bultin – Minimalistic Lighting – Table and Floor Lamps.

Starting from a circular concrete base a metal armature tube is bent over the wheel of a tractor ending in a bare light bulb. Hence, sleek simplicity. It is softened though by colour. ‘Paint it black’, ‘brick in the wall’, ‘little green bag’ do not only refer to evergreens, but also to the nine colours you can choose from. This results in subtle, stylish eye-catchers.

The materials used are simple, concrete and steel in different colours. They are combined in a minimalistic way, you can almost call it playful, but very well thought out. After dozens of prototypes they got it perfect with this great collection of table and floor lamps. We also have high expectations for their next endeavors, because Bultin now is already more than lighting.

Bultin – Minimalistic Lighting – Table and Floor Lamps.

Join us in discovering the minimalistic, modern beauty of this collection of table and floor lamps in a great variety of colours. Imagine having one of these enchanting objects lighting up your interior design…