Atelier Piraat - Maverick Design Label.

"Piraat", the Dutch word for pirate (obviously ;-)) says it all. These guys mean business, after 4 years of dedication to interior design projects made to measure they have a first collection. Raf Vaerewyck and Pieter Van Snick, 2 Belgian pirates storming the design world with 'The Lamp', 'The Stool', 'The Shelf', 'The Bench' and 'The Table'. We're very proud to showcase 'The Lamp' at The Creators Concept Store. 

atelier piraat atelier piraat wide lamp

Atelier Piraat - Creative Mavericks

Pieter Van Snick studied graphic design in Ghent, followed by a specific education of furniture design. Worked as a joiner and a product designer before becoming a skilled furniture restorer. Since 2015 pirate for life.

Raf Vaerewyck has a degree as a social assistant, with the focus on cultural work. He had a in dept training for 2 years with a joiner, studied furniture restoration and was a independent parquet installer for 12 years. In 2015 together with Pieter he became a Pirate.

It's clear these guys like to get their hands dirty, working the raw materials to create beautiful, honest items.

Atelier Piraat - Respect the Materials.

This collection of our Creator Atelier Piraat stands out by the graphic characteristics and the sometimes playful details. Pieter & Raf always liked working with all sorts of different materials, combining them and transforming them into beautiful handmade objects. Always made from two dimensional planes, creating spatial objects. 

There are no limits concerning the materials, but they have to be honest, aesthetically beautiful on its own and have a undeniable quality. This duo creates enchanting objects with metal, massive wood, glass, concrete, marble, ...

Atelier Piraat - The Lamp.

We're very happy with this beautiful addition to our lighting collection. 'The Lamp' combines a wooden base with a beam of light, the honeycomb structure creating a unique ambiance. Discover it yourself...