Val Pottery - Beautiful Ceramics

Imperfectly, perfect. That's what our Creator 'Val Pottery' is all about. What started as a hobby, turned into a passion & profession. The love of interior design and cosiness is turned into beautiful objects by a professional pottery training Val followed years ago. 

Enthusiasm, casualness and simplicity are three values that suit Val as well as her ceramics. Discover why...

Val Pottery - Beautiful Ceramics

Enthusiasm, about life, fun moment with friends, but also enthusiasm about food. Food served on beautiful, unique ceramics. Simplicity, because design doesn't have to be complex. Simple shapes and decorations create the best Ceramics. 

Val Pottery - Handmade Ceramics

Every piece is unique and handmade by Val and her team, ensuring great quality ceramics. Discover the piece we've selected for The Creators' Concept Store.