Raimonds Cirulis - Extraordinary Glass & Basalt Vases

Raimonds Cirulis, our only Latvian Creator for now, invented an extraordinary technique to combine basalt (volcanic rock) fibres within hot melted glassworks. During the intense glass blowing process, these fibres are introduced to the extreme heat, intertwining with the beautifully coloured glass. This creates the unique design of the vase, a true piece of art.

Glass & Basalt Vases – Unique Handmade Pieces.

Because of the creative process every item is unique and non-repeatable, even if they would like to (which they don’t). It is impossible to predict the patterns that will emerge. This makes it a very exciting and fulfilling work, in just seconds you have to decide how to move the glass. Every decision is seen in the final shape and design of these amazing, enchanting vases.

Glass & Basalt Vases – What is basalt?

Basalt is a volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava. It is the key component of ocean floors and mid-ocean islands such as Hawaii & Iceland. It is very fine-grained with visible iron rich mineral grains. These fine grains emerge because of the extremely rapid cooling, leaving no time for large mineral crystals to grow. Basalt rock can also be found on the moon and on Mars!

Glass & Basalt Vases – Discover the beauty.

Join us in discovering the unique beauty of this collection and imagine having one of these colourful vases in your interior design.