Studio Corkinho - Nature & Design in Cork Bowls & Vases.

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If you’re looking for a beautiful story, you’re set with Studio Corkinho. Two young designers, Cédric Etienne and Klas Dalquist, are on a quest for the perfect combination of natural, organic and sustainable materials and interior design. With a refreshing vision on what these unique materials have to offer they create the perfect mood in your home.

Studio Corkinho - 2 up and coming Creators.

Cédric Etienne (°1987), founder and designer of Studio Corkinho, got a degree in interior design in 2007. He also achieved an extra masters degree in this field at the Politecnico Di Milano, located at the "Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci" in Milan. Klas Dalquist is his Swedish colleague, friend and the Art Director of Studio Corkinho. 

Studio Corkinho - It’s Cork but not as you know it.

Cork is a 100% natural product harvested from the cork oak. This tree grows in southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Studio Corkinho uses cork from the Alentejo Hills in Portugal. For centuries these hills have been creating sustainable materials, used for their exceptional qualities. Impermeable, buoyant, elastic, fire retardant but most of all warm, light, sound absorbing, … Qualities that transfer a specific mood when used in your home.

Design Vases in Cork – How is it harvested?

Slowly and patiently to preserve the life of the tree… Cork harvesting is generally considered very environmentally friendly. Only when a cork oak grows to the age of 34, it’s gently stripped of its bark to harvest the cork. After that they wait for 9 years to repeat this process, cork oaks can live up to 350 years. The way it’s produced together with the easy recycling makes this material for the design vases and bowls of Studio Corkinho very natural.

Cork Oak bark Cork Oak tree

Design Vases and Bowls by Studio Corkinho.

Join us in discovering what Studio Corkinho has done with these natural, heart warming textures and what beautiful designs they created.  Imagine having one of these authentic natural vases or bowls in your interior design.