ISA Cushions - 100% Handmade & Limited-Edition

ISA is the result of Creator Isabelle Huyghe’s passion and enthusiasm for masterfully produced fabrics. She was born in a family with deep roots in the textile industry, over 50 years later she has developed a keen eye for the right fabric.

ISA – handmade Cushions, Limited-Edition - Fabric

Right because of the comfort they provide, gentle and soft. And, right because of the exclusive design and quality, in any armchair or sofa the handmade limited-edition cushions will stand out beautifully. This is what makes these ISA collections perfect for The Creators’ Concept Store. Isabelle selects the exclusive fabrics meticulously, based on experience, a great network and ‘gut feeling’.

ISA – handmade Cushions, Limited-Edition - Design

The designs are all based on nature’s own beautiful creations, a sun setting, moon rising or ocean waves falling on the beach. Combining clients for interior design in Antwerp and Knokke (Belgium), the drives in between are the perfect breeding ground for creativity. Starting out with just a sketch with pencil on a piece of paper, the design of these handmade cushions is optimised to perfection.

Isa handmade cushions limited-edition ISA cushions handmade Isa cushions handmade limited-edition 2

ISA – handmade Cushions, Limited-Edition

All of the ISA-collections are very limited-edition, this actually means that if 10 sets are sold they will not be made again… EVER! This way she guarantees the exclusivity of her handmade products. That’s why the collections of ISA cushions are changed very frequently, the ones you see right now, may not be there anymore in a week…

Discover the selection of ISA cushions we have at the moment. Take a look at the 2 indoor or outdoor collections, or maybe the eyecatcher with awesome zigzag design will take your breath away ;-)