Discover our mission.

We imagined a gathering place where unique stories and accompanying beautiful objects are introduced to the right audience. A hub for sublime Creators and their enchanting items...

Decades of experience in interior design and numerous testimonials of our customers about fruitless searches for unique objects with a story are at the base of this project.

“The Creators’ Concept Store”, enchanting items made by genius Creators which will transform your entire interior.

We’ve made a well thought out, limited selection of about 10 ‘Creators’ to start with. These projects, stories and products immediately spoke to us, it’s a match! This selection and all future Creators we’ll add, are made with the following values at it's core. If you've made it to our hub, we have no doubt you can identify closely with them.

  • Authentic
  • Handmade
  • Unique
  • Exclusive
  • Quality
  • Original
  • Design
  • Home
  • Ecologic

Our Creators will be presented here in a way no one is doing it, we believe they deserve the spotlight. We start our story with the person(s) behind the object, to then offer you their authentic items for sale. With intensive use of images and video we want to bring an experience for a select, high value seeking audience. This approach, our experience, together with a well thought out, exclusive selection will make the difference. “The Creators’ Concept Store” will become the place to be for people searching for unique, qualitative treasures for their home.

Enjoy the experience, we are anyway ;-)

Cedric & Isabelle