Atelier De Knock - Exclusive Ceramic Bowls & Plates

Our Creator Jonas De Knock took over from his father a few years ago, but Carlo De Knock is still helping out in the atelier. When you enter their atelier you're greeted by a beautiful tile room, it's immediately clear, these guys have clay running through their veins. Ceramics are a passion, a way of life almost. Which results in awesome made to measure end products, but also these exclusive bowls & plates they make just for The Creators' Concept Store. 

Exclusive Ceramic Bowls & Plates – Raw materials?

The word "Ceramic" is derived from the Greek "Keramos", which means drinking vessel. Traditional ceramics are clay based objects, the clay is formed and goes to different levels of moisture before it's baked (in open flame) in an oven with temperatures varying 800 to 1100°C. In this case the 'glaze fired' stage is added to create the great designs and colours.

Jonas De Knock at work Exclusive Ceramic Bowls & Plates De Knock Paintbrushes Ceramic bowls & plates De Knock Hand in clay exclusive ceramic bowls & plates

Exclusive Ceramic Bowls & Plates – Authentic, Gut Feeling Design.

Atelier De Knock started experimenting with specific colouring techniques for ceramics decades ago because of a shortage in marble from Italy during World War II. The first tiles were used in the castles of the bourgeoisie, gradually becoming more accessible for bigger audiences. 

When taking over from his father Jonas went a different direction, one of authentic raw design. Working together with interior architects he makes ceramics in shapes, designs and colours for anything you can imagine. The bar in a restaurant completely covered with big modern flashy green tiles, a jewellery counter paved with awesome pitch black geometric tiles,... 

All great projects, but we wanted a piece of it in your home :-) So we sat down with Jonas and he came up with a first exclusive collection for The Creators' Concept Store. A set of ceramic bowls and plates, with authentic design. Every one of them the result of gut feeling during the colouring and moulding process, unique enchanting objects...

Exclusive Ceramic Bowls & Plates – Discover.

Join us in discovering the unique beauty of this first collection and imagine having one of these exclusive ceramic bowls or plates in your interior design.